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Boot Rider
Ever get so tired
that all you can do is run?
The world outpaces.
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Mature content
TMD R3: Veneration :iconwriter-on-the-wall:Writer-on-the-Wall 0 0
TMD R2: Hospitality
  It was pretty apparent the boat they were in was old. Every time one of them shifted, the weathered seats and hull-boards of the vessel creaked as they bent and warped to accommodate the weight. Andrea sat, pensive, at the prow of the boat, desiring solitude. Andrew and Kelrin were glad to give it to him. Having laid out his notebook, most-likely ruined electronics, shirt, socks and shoes out to dry on Kel's now aerating armor chassis, Andrew watched the horizon from the starboard side of their little dinghy for any sign of land. Kel had taken off his armor to allow it to conduct some minor repairs and dry-out the inside. It was a necessary risk, considering the danger they'd just faced. If the suit wasn't allowed to clean itself and repair minor leaks it might suffer an even greater degree of impaired functionality. That was something Kel couldn't allow.
  His back to the other two, Kel rowed steadily, feeling, for the first time since he'd made planetfall, exact
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Mature content
TMD- Schooled :iconwriter-on-the-wall:Writer-on-the-Wall 0 6
Mature content
TMD- Extraction :iconwriter-on-the-wall:Writer-on-the-Wall 2 5
TMD- Kelrin Digen
Kelrin Digen (Kel for short.)
Age: About 16 (Cerecian years)  or about 37 (Terran Years).
Gender: Male.
Preferred Pronoun: He.
Species: Cerecian
---Physical Appearance---
Height: 2 m 10 cm (6'10") inside the suit. 1 m 80 cm (5'11") outside the suit, 1 m 95 cm (6'5") with wings fully extended.
Weight: 68 kilos (150 lbs) outside the suit, 207 kilos (458) within.
Build: Kelrin has a light soldier's build. Ropey muscles, toned from constant use in training or combat. He's built for endurance running and the occasional bout of brief flight. Faster than he is strong, Kel's body is more suited to hit and run tactics than a head-to-head tussle.
Skin: Cerecians' skin evolved to protect them from the harsh cold of the long winter, and the intense sun of the long summer. As such, Kel's skin is highly tough and keratinous, yet still pliable. The closest comparison would have to be something like the hi
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TMD- Andrew. An Author.
Andrew (in the dream world, he's on a first-name-only basis. Even with his own character.)
Age: 15 (Terran Years)
Gender: Male.
Preferred Pronoun: He.
Species: Human.
---Physical Appearance---
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Tall and thin, Andrew looks quite frail, but his appearance belies his ability. He's actually of average strength and endurance, able to perform moderately well at martial arts. On top of that, he's slightly more agile than the average high school student and can Parkour himself into all sorts of strange places.
Skin: Just a touch dark due to his Filipino heritage. He usually tans, rather than burns.
Hair: A brown dark enough to be mistaken for black. Andrew keeps his hair short-cropped on all sides, with enough in the front to cover his forehead.
Eyes: Brown.
Other defining features/anatomy: None to speak-of, really. Andrew's a normal human teenager.
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TMD: Character Interview-Study
The Guidelines
1.) As one of your characters answer the following
2.) Feel free to comment alongside your character as yourself, it adds to the fun and makes it more amusing to read x3
3.) It's easier to use one character at a time but if you want to do it again with another please feel free to ^^
4.) When answering don't feel like you have to tone down your characters. Do it all as you expect they really would if they were seriously answering these questions ^^
5.) Have fun
6.) Quiz created by: The-Bone-Snatcher
Characters: Kelrin and Writer
..:: || Phase One, The Basics || ::..
What's your name?
Writer: "Andrew. I'm not telling you my last name, though. True-naming is scary business.  For everything else, call me Writer."
Kel: "Kelrin Digen. Kel for short."
Where are you?
Writer: "In front of a laptop filling this interview out… and video-chatting with an individual who, until a little while ago, I thought was just a figment of my imagination.
He looks a little scary."
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Majestic towers of rust and wreckage,
the iron bones of once noble ships picked clean.
The finest port this side of the Sea of Pearls,
and I doubt anyone would have it any other way.
The truth? None of us have the money to leave.
We're too busy spending on damn expensive cheap liquor
and damn cheap expensive VR sims.
If I had the cash, I'd be out of this slag pit.
Out of it faster than you can say,
"I fold."
Of course gambling's my vice of choice.
Haven't been doing well of late...
but my luck'll turn.
It has to.
Soon, it'll be just me, the expanse and all its diamonds.
No more booze, no more sims,
no more burning my fingers in pools of god-knows-what.
No. No. It'll be just me and the stars.
Me and the stars.
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I dreamt of snow last night.
I dreamt of a city cloaked in fog.
I dreamt, and I dreamt long.
I dreamt, and the dream stayed.
The city was oppresively silent,
without even a mouse's whisper to its name.
Its voice was snow
and the alien crush of footsteps through its streets.
I was a lone explorer,
carving a swath through a wilderness of stone
searching edifice after crumbling edifice
for some clue as to why it had all been unmade.
I found none.
Just the silent city,
its eerie snow
and the echo of my own footfalls
in a land that is not my own.
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In Her Majesty's Service
  Back then, work was hard to come by on outer colony worlds. The Council functioned more like a... a council than a central government. Its component groups were left to get it together on their own. The GC had problems of its own.
  So the old powers remained, if only provisionally. The instability of Council recruitment manifested itself as a general social malaise. Some governments proved rife with anarchistic sentiment, others suffered economic hardship. Only a lucky few were stricken with general apathy. For us, it was a mixture of the the two former. Where I lived, bodyguarding was back in style among those who could afford such extravagance. It was only after my father, Viktor, had made a name for himself that word of a civil war reached our ears.
  The press gang arrived not long after.
[ Note: He refers to the Third War of Internal Reclaimation which started out as a civil conflict in sector H-EZAN-4 on planet Rekal, homeworld of the subsumed
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The eldest of the siblings,
she resembles their father the most.
Long auburn hair, brown intelligent eyes
and a thick overcoat to keep out the cold.
She is her father's harbinger,
always driver before him, always weary.
Yet, she is not sad. Her work brings joy.
Her warnings save the lives of those who listen for them.
It is she who paints the leaves the colors of the setting sun.
She who thickens the woolen coats of sheep and sings bees to sleep.
She who breathes the first icy breath across the land
and she who calls the first snowflake forth from her gray cold skies.
When her work is done, the world is primed for Winter.
When he swoops down to sit upon his barren throne
the world will be ready to endure his siege,
and ready for Spring and Summer soon after.
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Estranged son of Winter,
brother of Spring and Autumn,
his is more akin to his sire
than he cares to admit.
The picture of idealized youth,
a man perpetually in the fullness of his peak.
He presides over the warmest and longest days,
clearing the clouds away so Helios can chase out Winter's chill.
His nights are short and frenzied,
filled with the affairs of fireflies, cicadas
and the jubilant noise of Man
celebrating his condensed and unpredictable life.
When the mood strikes him, he plays his lyre,
summoning warm summer rains
to nourish the things that grow under the sky
and cooling his frantic pace.
By the time his older sister arrives
he has moved on to greener pastures.
The nights cool and lengthen,
and Helios hides away.
:iconwriter-on-the-wall:Writer-on-the-Wall 1 0
Winter's favored daughter,
the vision of her melts his icy gaze
his tears of joy are meltwater,
gorging rivers, freeing trees, feeding meadows.
They have time for one embrace,
then he must go, fleeing across the sea,
to set his icy gaze upon another land
and herald his daughter's coming.
She is saddened by his departure,
but not discouraged.
Soon, her laughter fills the air,
lilting with the timbre of bells.
She frolics, white gown flapping in the breeze, flower in her hair,
bringing new grass up from captive Gaia,
coaxing bees awake from their sleep,
breathing new life to the expanse trapped so long by Winter.
Soon, the forest is alive with birds and bugs,
humming with the sounds of life, new and old.
Satisfied with her work, she yields.
Grinning from ear to ear, cheeks rosy, she goes after her father.
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An old man, clothes worn and threadbare,
eyes hard with the certainty of death,
sits quietly where giants once danced,
a snowy clearing in a forest long dormant.
He is cold, breath without steam, as he contemplates sleep
and how all things surrounding him are quiet.
The world around him rests, saving its energy.
He is a foe too persistent to defeat, for he cannot attrit.
Yet, he realizes as he strokes his coarse, ancient beard,
he harbors no animosity towards them, this is simply his duty.
He is tasked with resting the world beneath his blanket
until he deems it well enough to rise from its slumber.
He drives the world to its knees out of necessity.
In doing so he makes it stronger, for only the most adept survive.
He holds the world locked in his grip,
and waits,
and waits,
and waits.
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AV: Wet Socks
The sharp bite of cuffs woke me. The world was blurry and before I even had my bearings my body was struggling to free itself.
It didn't.
As my futile struggling ceased, my vision slowly cleared, glaring gauzy lights gradually refining themselves into the muted, luminous panels of a Police detention cell. I blinked a couple of times, my body suddenly remembering the pain it had endured not so long ago. I hissed as I breathed inward, biting my tongue and spitting at my fate. At that, the guard posted outside my hexagonal cell-door dared to look inward at me. He leered from behind the thick shatterproof-glass rectangle that did nothing to soften his gaze.
I spat at the door.
The guard, completely missing my show of defiance and spunk, ducked from view. Then I heard a mumble that sounded an awful lot like "He's awake" and my gut involuntarily contracted with fear of what was to come. I panicked a little as the guard's eyes reappeared and resumed their critical eyeing of me before turning
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Having a front-page portal into my past is nice and all, but I think that previous entry's gotten a little stale.

Don't you?
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